Medicare Does Not Require Improvement

Many health care providers believe that Medicare will only provide coverage if a patient is making “progress.”  For most of my clients who are in nursing homes, the facility normally informs our client’s family that in order to maintain Medicare coverage, the individual must be making progress.  Otherwise, the nursing home facility is under the… Continue reading Medicare Does Not Require Improvement

Seek Legal Advice before Gifting Assets

If significant assets are transferred to a child, then there will be a tax and estate planning ramifications from the transaction.  The transfer of funds may prevent the parent from obtaining Medicaid assistance to pay for needed long-term care. In a decision rendered by the Appellate Division of the New Jersey Supreme Court, a mother… Continue reading Seek Legal Advice before Gifting Assets

Medicaid’s Determination of Spousal Support

The calculated Medicaid spousal support when the husband or wife enters into a nursing home facility is often inadequate because Medicaid regulations base support on the poverty line for a family of two.  If a spouse is not pleased with the decision rendered by Medicaid on the issue of spousal support, then an appeal can… Continue reading Medicaid’s Determination of Spousal Support