Thank you for all your help these last seventeen months. I’m happier when I think about how things will be taken care of in the future. You and Caren are very sincere people. You both make it easy to relax and have a good conversation.


Mr. Mark’s robust resume is most befitting his courteous, professional demeanor in the dispensation of sound legal advice. We have found his counsel to be digestible, accurate & comforting. Beyond all of this, he is a caring, trustworthy expert who has always made maximum effort to remain current with our changing times.

Lola & Paul

Thank you for helping us gain guardianship of our now adult daughter. Many blessings.

Gary & Valerie

We thank you and your staff for providing a comfortable experience with respect to estate planning. We are confident, that with your expert legal knowledge, we have the best strategic plan and legal instruments to protect our assets and our end-of-life wishes. You validate our questions and concerns, while seeking full understanding prior to providing answers with in-depth legal explanations and solutions. We are pleased with your accommodating and generous nature. It is easy to correspond with you by e-mail or phone. Your staff is extremely kind, knowledgeable, and provides us a positive experience with all correspondence.


For the past two years I have received documents on a regular schedule from the Law Office of Donald B. Mark.  I am a co-executor of my friend’s estate.  Every kind of communication has been sent to me and my co-executor with directions to call if I had any questions.  I have been impressed with the efficiency, competence and knowledge that Don B. Mark possesses.  He has dealt with the State of NJ regulations, financial institutions and accountants.  With all of them, he was mindful of my friend’s wishes to donate her assets to charities that were important to her.


Thank you for all your hard work in settling Rob’s estate. 


Thank you for all of your help with our legal needs.  We truly appreciate everything you’ve done.

Cheryl & Sue

Oh my gosh, I knew you were a nice man when I met you but your generosity – I’ve never met anyone as generous. You are so wonderful and I’m so grateful! Thank you for making this transaction so easy.


You are a true advocate, diligent and compassionate.  What can I say?  You have been our attorney for many years.  Actually, you have been more than that.  You have been a true advocate and friend throughout years of family trials and complications.  I required a listener, and you were a listener.  I required a person of great knowledge and integrity.  You were that person.  Every document and letter you crafted reflected how much you cared for every member of my family, especially me.  Good people attract good people, and that is reflected in your staff.  Your entire office reflects the care you have for every client.  Thank you for the assurance, knowledge, and peace you gave me.  Thank you for your extreme generosity.  I want you to know that I am giving a portion of my inheritance to my children.  It means so much to me to give them something from their grandmother.  I wish your family and you every good fortune.


I would like to thank you for all your hard work and time on behalf of my son and I.  You have no idea the peace of mind and relief that I am feeling now to know that Dennis will be taken care of, safe and secure after I’m gone.  You have made that feeling possible for me! You are a very kind person and I am grateful to have chosen you.  I also applaud your knowledge and understanding of your work.  Since you made me feel confident by your knowledge, I am confident that our documents are the very best.  We wish you the best of everything in life in all your future endeavors.