Financing Long-Term Care

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It is often never too late to seek guidance from an elder law attorney who can use a variety of legal strategies to help you preserve and protect your hard-earned life savings and assets.

Protecting and Preserving Life Savings and Assets

Most nursing homes charge over $130,000 a year.  Medicare may only pay part of the first 100 days. Mr. Mark helps our clients protect and preserve the maximum allowable amount of life savings and assets from the catastrophic cost of long-term care. Once all assets are gone, Medicaid will cover the remaining cost.  Mr. Mark believes in long-term care planning that is comprehensive and proactive.  He shows a resolute determination in helping each client to achieve success.

As a solo practitioner, Mr. Mark gives each case his personal attention when working with clients to determine their elder care needs and how to preserve the maximum amount from the cost of long-term care.  With extensive knowledge and experience in long-term care planning, he focuses on delivering high quality elder law services in a compassionate, efficient manner.

Take action today and contact us to get help with long-term care planning to ensure the maximum preservation of your hard-earned life savings.