Increase in Medicare Part B Premium

elderly woman in wheelchair on sunny field

Medicare has Parts A and B.  Part A is often referred to as the hospital portion of Medicare coverage.  Part B is usually referred to as the doctor’s portion of the Medicare program.  Part B provides coverage for physician services, outpatient hospital services, speech-language pathology services, durable medical equipment, opioid treatment and other services.

Unlike Part A, the Part B portion of Medicare requires the payment of a monthly premium.  For most individuals the premium is deducted from the monthly Social Security benefit. In 2021 the typical premium for Medicare Part B was $148.50 per month. 

The Medicare Part B premium has increased by approximately 14.5% in 2022. 

For most Medicare beneficiaries the Part B premium is $170.10 per month in 2022. For individuals who have an annual income in excess of $91,000.00, the premium will be greater than $170.10 per month.  The monthly premium for Part B is $238.10 for a person who earns more than $91,000.00 but less than $114,000.00 in a year.  There are special rules that apply to a married couple.  The monthly premium is $238.10 for a married couple who has an annual income of more than $182,000.00 but no more than $228,000.00.