Law Increases Maximum Support for a Spouse

elderly couple walking along wooded path

Medicaid normally requires that a person’s income be used to offset the cost of long-term care in a facility.  Virtually all of that person’s income must be paid to the facility each month.  Medicaid then pays the balance of that individual’s long-term care costs.

There are special rules that apply to a person’s income if he or she is married.  Otherwise, the healthier spouse may not be able to meet the monthly costs and expenses without the institutionalized spouse’s income.

Medicaid has a complicated set of rules concerning the amount of spousal support that can be provided to the healthier spouse.  There is a maximum amount of spousal support, which is adjusted each year.  The maximum amount of spousal support in 2020 was $3,216.00.  The maximum spousal support increased by approximately 1.35% in 2021.  According to applicable federal law, the maximum spousal support in 2021 is $3,259.00.